Saturday, March 01, 2014

18 months - Tricks on the go

The long, miserable winter continues. Entertaining Kili has become both a chore and a joy. A chore because it has to be almost completely mental, which requires my mental attention as well even on days when I'm exhausted. But it is also so much fun to watch her learning all these new tricks.

Right now we have quite a few on the go. The big one is leg weaves... all sort of leg weaves! Forwards has been a pretty quick process but backwards has been interesting and slow work. To break up the monotony of learning a complication trick requiring hind end awareness we're doing a few easier, simpler behaviours like crawl, wave, and perfecting her sit pretty.

The backward leg weaves will probably require a whole blog post of their own, hence the reason I have not included any videos of it yet.

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