Sunday, December 29, 2013

16 months - Still not right

Kili and I had an agility class today. This was the first class since I noticed something was wrong with her leg (but remember the class just prior to identifying the problem she had definitely been off). She has been hiking and running on the leg and showing very little sign of any discomfort, however today at class it was evident that the leg is still an issue.

The first half of the class went really well. She was speedy, she was interested, and I was able to engage her in tug. Near the end of the class though I lost her speed and she became reluctant to play tug with me, though she only missed one jump. At that point we stopped doing jumping exercises and worked on introducing the chute and we worked a bit on our weave poles.

As you can see from the video, the first few clips she is very fast and is interested in tugging. We even raised one of the jumps up to 24" which is just under her competition height of 26". We want to start throwing in some higher jumps to get her used to it as it changes her strides. The last clip she avoids the second jump on our first run and from there is just pretty sluggish although she does all the jumps. The big "OOPS!" near the end is because I did a front cross instead of a blind cross... but with her being less than enthused I was not 100% sure she was going to do any given jump and was watching and babysitting her a lot more than normal, which didn't give me the time to do the blind cross. She was also moving slow enough that a front cross was easy enough to substitute.

Well, here's to hoping another week of rest will solve the leg.

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