Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

We have had a wonderful 2013.

We started off early in the year with Kili's first conformation show.

Kili met her two new friends, Cole and Frodo.

Kili had surgery to solve her urinary problems.

Kili and Summit continued to get along great!

Kili's first swim and Summit's millionth.

First hotel for both dogs (or one dog and one green eyed alien).

First Halloween costumes!

We were blessed to have a great year to spend with great friends.

My little family in 2013

Looking back is all fine and dandy, but here's to looking forward to 2014.
My goals for Kili:
1. Heal that darn hock
2. First agility trial in 2014 (one can dream, she'll be 24 months in August)
3. Continuing to learn to be a good household member

Unfortunately these are pictures of pictures so the quality is poor.
 My goals for Summit:
1. Relieve his arthritis pain
2. Keep him healthy
3. He's absolutely perfect in every way... I can add no more. We will just keep having fun and enjoying life together.

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