Friday, December 27, 2013

White Christmas

It was a very white Christmas this year! We took the hounds to visit my in-laws in northern Ontario (as we did last year). There was tonnes of snow, though fortunately most days weren't too cold. I did leave Summit at home when we took Kili hiking, which we did almost every day, as he has been having some trouble with the cold this winter. Leaving Summit behind meant I could put some of his clothes on Kili

Kili drowning in Summit's clothes.
She made me nervous near this cliff edge!
And so did he! Bad boy! Old enough to know better!
 Kili had to go for long hikes every day in order to behave nicely in the evening when company would come over for dinner. Of course I forgot my camera until the very last day, and then she didn't want to do her crazy zoomies for the camera! She was probably still tired from all the previous days of hiking. It did warm my heart though that she kept an eye on where I was. She was perfectly happy to leave Jarrett behind to die and follow me, but reluctant to lose track of me and go with daddy. I felt loved. It's nice to have your bond with your dog reaffirmed with physical evidence.

Whisker icicles!
After long hikes all day Kili needed to take some naps in the evening. She was not allowed on my mother-in-law's leather couch but she was sort of allowed on the old furniture in the basement. Her favourite were these little round chairs.

Of course, monkey see, monkey do. Except Summit is quite a bit bigger than Kili! He could just barely squish himself into this chair!

Once her chair was stolen Kili figured a regular couch was as good as any when she was as tired as she was!

By the end of our trip Kili had been on her antibiotics for about a week. She was not showing any indication of being painful or uncomfortable, however the thickness in her leg seems to have stopped decreasing. It is much improved but it is not normal. I am hoping it will just take some time. Fingers crossed.

Normal right hock.

Left hock still thick. Note the lack of light coming through the leg.
Side by side comparison.

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