Friday, July 05, 2013

Woodville Demo

We had the opportunity to participate in another demo with our trainer. I love demos. It exposes the dogs to a new location with new distractions and challenges. This one was particularly distracting since it was being held at a fair. There were rides and food vendors, a musical talent show was happening at the same time, and an audience. I thought all the dogs did a great job. No one was afraid and no one was terribly distracted... not even Kili!

Both dogs got two turns in the ring plus a warm up. For some reason my boyfriend missed Kili's second turn.

On Summit's first turn he did a couple of tunnels, a couple of jumps (including a double jump which is new to him just this week), the table, and the chute. The entrance to the chute was quite awkward because it was a 90 degree angle which is not something we have ever seen before. It also did not help that I forgot to do a rear cross and was on the wrong side of my dog.

Summit's second turn included a jump sequence to a tunnel where he really did have to discriminate between which entrance I wanted him to take. We had some trouble with that but again, this was the first time we've had something like that. We also worked on weave poles with the channel technique. In class Summit actually does these a fair bit closer together, in fact he actually has to carefully pick his way through. We dumbed it down a bit for him since we were at a new location.

As for Kili, I was THRILLED with her at this demo. She crated well while I was busy with Summit. She was not afraid at all of the crazy rides, all the people, the new dogs, the loud noises. And she was actually quite focused on me in the ring. You'll see in the video that a couple of times she gets away from me or goes to do something I didn't ask for, but she comes when I call her which is a mighty improvement over her first class. Mind you, her favourite piece of equipment, the A-frame, was not in the ring!

I included Summit's little intro by our trainer because I thought it was quite nice, even if it wasn't entirely true. So far as we can tell our boy flunked out of racing without a single race. There is a little exchange at the end of his first run that you may not be able to totally hear so I subtitled it as best as I could. I guess someone in the audience probably commented on Summit's weight.

I love these demo events. I get free food, free training, and a free agility course. Of course, I often end up helping to move the equipment since I have a truck... so maybe I end up paying more in gas money for the demo than I do for my classes!

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