Monday, April 29, 2013

8.5 months - Natural mountain goat, encouraged fish

Ever notice that with dogs (and people) that some things just come very naturally while others never become a favourite even if you try to cultivate it? For myself this is very true. My mother is a skater, my father was a swimmer. I was on the ice and in the pool about the same age (2 years old). Twenty some years later I am an avid hockey player and a very poor swimmer who hates water.

Why is it important to me that my dogs like water when I do not? Got me. But I find it enjoyable to have dogs who like to go in the water. Summit does not like to swim but he loves water. When we hike he likes to find spots where he can wade in up to his chest and then he will often stand there for awhile and just look around.

Kili has been interesting. She didn't seem to like water until it warmed up a bit, and who can blame her? Then she launched herself in over her head twice on one morning walk. And since then has refused to go in farther than her elbows.

Climbing "cliffs" is a totally different matter. Summit rarely strays from the trail and he certainly won't go gallivanting up a rock face. Kili on the other hand is a mountain goat and absolutely loves climbing and running around on steep surfaces. Go figure.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Ha! That was a funny video. :-)

Milo and Jet said...

You look like you have lot's of fun being a mountain Goat from Milo & Jet