Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beginner no more

Summit finished his beginner agility course last week. I think he could have easily been in intermediate instead as this was fairly easy for him, however it was good for us to spend some one-on-one time together working off the rust. However, it was frustrating at times because the equipment constantly had to be adjusted for him, mostly the teeter, since none of the other dogs were at the same level as him. On the other hand it's always fun when your dog is the best in class!

Summit finds the teeter tough to balance on when it hits the ground, however I would say that weaves are definitely his weakest obstacle. Summit is that greyhound that is very confident about most things but very skittish about some very strange things. He does not like it when things fall off counters. He does NOT like narrow spaces. If I leave a door ajar he will not walk through it. This is probably why weaves are tough for him.

The last segment of video shows a full course put together on graduation day. Unfortunately the only run that I managed to get someone to film was also the worst. First of all the teeter was set for all the other dogs. Summit easily handles the teeter at knee height so this was kind of ridiculous for him. You see him go for the touch and me totally forgetting about it (because the teeter was so low and my trainer had said not to treat him on this run until we got to the table... but I should have still asked for the touch at the end of the contact). Then he comes off the table on my left side so he is on the wrong side for the jump. Worst run of the day. Oh well, it was still pretty good otherwise!

On to Intermediate!

(I am not sure why my usual video method is not working. Blogger keeps telling me that it cannot find any of my youtube videos. Hopefully this is a glitch in the system that will resolve so I can use my old video posting method soon! Since there were issues with this video not showing up, I am re-posting this. It was originally posted May 19, 2013.)

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