Sunday, March 03, 2013

28 weeks - We are the 3 best friends

Puppies playing together is always cute. I figure none of you can ever get bored of photos and videos of Kili playing with her friends.

Meet Cole (chocolate lab) and Frodo (lab/boxer cross). We had them over last weekend for a play date. Cole is quite a bit younger. He was only 15 weeks at the time. Frodo was 18 weeks or so. So we had a lot of fun watching these crazy youngsters go nuts. Kili I think enjoyed being the biggest and oldest so she could boss the little guys around a bit for a change! (It is incredibly hard to photograph a white dog and two dark dogs playing in snow on a cloudy day... this was an exercise in frustration for sure!)

And an old friend that I'm sure you are all becoming familiar with, Molly Collie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having Kili play with Molly. They just play so amazingly well together. Their dynamic is perfect. They both have a great time and they share so nicely. I love when dogs can play with toys together and not get possessive of them. When we work together we bring Molly and Kili in. We shut them into the back treatment area with us and we throw down about 5 different toys. We leave a kennel open for Kili to retire to when she wants to take a nap (Molly never seems to get tired!). I never get sick of watching these two play together.

A picture is worth a thousand words so what is a video worth to you?

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