Friday, October 26, 2012

9 weeks - trials and tribilations

Another week gone. It has been rewarding and frustrating. Puppies are such strange creatures.

Kili had her first puppy class this week. It was... interesting. When she got there she was totally WIRED and all the other puppies were such a huge stimulation. It was the first time she'd gotten to play with other puppies since leaving her litter. But she did settle down and did really well in the class. We worked on name recognition, sits, downs, and making eye contact.
Summit says: "Okay, well she makes a good pillow, I'll give you that"

I wanted to get a video of Kili working on these skills, but being a strange creature she decided to stop eating anything for 2 days. She's actually LOST weight instead of gaining weight. I was forewarned that this is normal for puppies. Sometimes they just quit eating for a few days. Still, I have to admit it is slightly unnerving when I have the opportunity to weigh her every day and she's almost back down to her original weight.
On my day off I took Kili all around town to experience new things. We went to the pet store and the groomer's to meet new people. I took her downtown so she could see and hear a greater volume of traffic. She did really well. We worked on some of her puppy class homework while we were out and she did amazingly well. I was really proud of her.

All legs!

Water consumption and housetraining has been a problem. The girl is a water tank. She will easily drink 4-5 times the amount that Summit does. Summit has a 6 quart bucket of water that between him and the cat I would refill every 4-5 days, and not because it was empty but because I figure that's long enough for water to be sitting out. Now if Kili had her way I'd be refilling that bucket every day. I can't let her have her way though because otherwise she has accidents in her crate. But if I don't let her drink freely she lunges at the water bowl and screams like a banshee. She tries to drink out of puddles when she's out for walks. She tries to drink out of toilet bowls. It is honestly absolutely crazy. I could use a bowl of water as a reward instead of food or treats. If I put a bowl of water in her crate she would run straight in. Drink it all. Then pee in her crate. It is very frustrating.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Look at that little brat! What a cute picture of her and Summitt! I am trying a new food this week. Hoping the other food might be making her thirsty... although I have less hope since you are probably not feeding the same as me and yet have same problem.