Monday, October 22, 2012

8 weeks - first days at home

Nothing too exciting this week. We've all just been trying to adjust to the changes in our lives. I've been so busy and sleep deprived that I honestly haven't gotten a lot of stuff on camera/video and what I do have I haven't managed to upload to the computer.


So until I manage to get the really interesting stuff onto the computer I'll give you a brief account of Kili's first week with us.

Kili's first day was busy and traumatic. I drove to meet with the breeder a couple hours away. She had two litters that were 8 weeks and 7 weeks old. She had two prospects for me, but in her opinion the white and blue brindle from the older litter was the better choice. "Domino" was described as fearless on the agility equipment, making good eye contact, and being very interactive with people. I met with the mothers of both litters as well as the grandparents. All the dogs were very well socialized and friendly. I just loved the adults. Then I got to meet my two potential new puppies! It's so hard to really choose at that age. They both ran right up to me and wanted to play. "Domino" was curious, wandering around and getting into stuff. The other pup was more content to stick near by. Now, that may have been due to the one week difference in age but ultimately I decided to take the breeder's recommendation.

After loading into her crate in the truck she was pretty quiet. We made a few stops to visit with friends back in Guelph. Her first socialization. She did great. Met all the new people fearlessly. Then back in the truck and on our way to meet her new daddy for the first time. Jarrett was at work so I told him I'd stop by so he could see her since he wouldn't get to see her for almost a week. Well, wouldn't you know but she started throwing a tantrum in her crate. Just screaming. After about 45 seconds just as I was starting to think this could be a very long 2 hour drive, in the backseat I hear "RAR RAR RAR!" from Summit followed by immediate silence. It turns out that Summit is the BEST training asset I have. Too much noise from Kili and he tells her off with a growl or a bark. I love that boy. :) In light of his great educational abilities I tied his leash to her crate for the first couple of days. It comforted her when I was out of the room that he was still there, and also meant that his tolerance for any carrying on was low so he'd continue to correct her. The result was that within 2 days she had learned to settle in her crate for the most part.

Stick with me young grasshopper, I'll show you the art of napping.
Kili thinks that Summit is pretty much the greatest thing ever. He is not quite so enamoured with her. I do my best to give him attention when she is napping and to ask him for some of his tricks when I'm working with her. I do have to remember to close her crate door when I take her out to the bathroom though otherwise he steals her Kongs and bully sticks!

Housetraining is going well. At the end of her 8th week she was holding her bladder half the night. Might have something to do with the increase in size. She put on almost a full kilo in her first week home!