Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini agility course

Today was our third agility class. We introduced a curve to the tunnel, a small drop on the teeter and the weave poles. Summit doesn't like the teeter. It took about 4 attempts to get him to walk all the way out to the end and not jump off part way. But we got him there. It still has to be done slowly and with constant treats as well as someone controlling how quickly the teeter drops, but we'll get there.

He had no trouble with the curve in the tunnel which surprised me pleasantly. He had a bit of an issue the first few attempts trying to go through the weave poles but once he got the idea he did well. Jumps are no longer an issue.

I had my friend film Summit's turn on the full course. Note how slowly we do the teeter and that the instructor is controlling the teeter drop. He did jump onto the teeter on his own before I asked him though. He also normally does the tunnel on first attempt, not sure why he decided to pretend not to know how on this run. You'll notice that his jumping problems have resolved completely. Last is the chute which we didn't get an opportunity to practice before doing the full course, hence Summit not seeming to know what to do about it (remember we were only introduced to the chute for the first time last week).


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...


Is it the loud bang that the teeter makes or is it the movement? If its the noise, you might just put a folded towel under it and then unfold it each time so the noise gradually increased. Seemed pretty willing to get on that piece of plywood in your other video that I'm thinking its the noise and not the movement.

Love to see other greyhounds enjoying agility!

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

I think it might be the movement. The teeter really wasn't allowed to bang at all because our trainer was holding it once the dogs reached halfway and physically moving the teeter as opposed to letting it drop under the weight of the dogs. We also had a towel under it to reduce the noise. He was hopping off as soon as it started moving the first couple of times. Hoping the weather starts to cooperate so I can get him back out on the board in the backyard. I can't even imagine when this thing gets up to full size. I'll be so proud!