Monday, February 19, 2018

BLAST trial - Masters Dogs

I have been nursing a couple of injuries recently so the dogs have not been doing much agility the past couple of months. We have been focusing on obedience and some of our SuperDogs behaviours as we have a show coming up in March. However, the girls did have a half day trial this weekend where they had a lot of fun.

This was Kenna's first trial running some courses at the Masters level. She has moved up in both Standard and Jumpers, so she got to try a Masters Jumpers course and a Challenge. Challenge is a Masters Standard class that adds some extra degree of difficulty. There are usually some extra "challenges" on the course compared to a typical Standard course. We had a couple of small bobbles that we were able to save on this course, and overall I thought she handled it very well! In fact, she was 2nd across all heights, and if I hadn't made her hold her contacts and wasted an extra second or two she would have been first (but contact criteria is really important to me right now, it's well worth the extra time it takes).

Kili got a Q in Masters Snooker, but sadly no video... although she was a bit wild and there was a fair bit of yelling involved to keep her on track... similar to her Masters Jumpers run. She didn't qualify in Jumpers but I was quite happy with how she handled the course as it was very tricky. Kenna had baby dog brain and couldn't quite get her act together on the Jumpers run, but it was her very first Masters run so I forgave her. ;) Kenna is 23 months old now and I'm just tickled pink with how she's coming along. She's really something special.

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