Wednesday, October 11, 2017

19 months - Agility Dog of Canada

Kenna attended her second AAC trial over the Thanksgiving weekend. And what a trial it was! She was entered in 8 runs over the two days, with 6 being eligible for Q's and 2 being FEO (For Exhibition Only). She Q'd 5/6, only missing her very first run of the weekend which was Steeplechase.

On Saturday she picked up the last 2 Starters Standard legs she needed to finish her Agility Dog of Canada (ADC) title. It took Kili and I over a year, and countless trials to earn that title... Kenna did it in 2 days and 4 runs (you need 3 Q's for the title). She also was awarded the Judge's Choice award that day, for the best Starter/Advanced Contacts. The prize was a trial record book for recording your runs and Q's.

On Sunday, she picked up her first 2 Advanced Standard legs, and the final Starter Jumpers leg she needed to move up. Which means I really need to get to work on Gamble and Snooker now! We did struggle a bit with her dogwalk contact on Sunday. She is really coming into her own at trials, becoming speedier and more driven (as if we needed that! ha!) and she was having trouble sticking her 2-on-2-off dogwalk contact. She was going so fast that she was sliding right off the end. She was still making the contact so it's not a fault, but for control and criteria I really want her to stick it. We'll be working that even more in practice, and also in FEO runs at trials when the atmosphere really gets her excited.

Here are her Sunday runs:

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