Thursday, December 15, 2016


Kili is back from her 1 month agility hiatus. We had 2 trials in the month of December. The first one was a full weekend, and we had the added excitement of getting to trial for our first agility instructor who came out from Ontario to judge. He hadn't seen us in 2.5 years, back when Kili was just beginning to trial. She finished her Master Snooker title under him which was very special for us.

We did a single day at a trial the following weekend. Kili is turning out to be quite the Snooker dog, which is surprising given her penchant for taking off course equipment. In Snooker most mistakes result in being excused, whereas in other events you're allowed to finish the run. However, Kili racked up her 5th Master Snooker run. 5 more to go for her Expert Bronze Snooker title. At this rate it might be her first Expert title. Unfortunately, Snooker is probably my least favourite event!

Kili also got a Master Jumpers Q, so now the count down to her ATChC is only 1 Jumpers and 1 Gamble!

We have had no luck in Standard runs recently. We can't seem to get out of the 5 fault club. On our last 2 Standards and 2 Challenges we've had 5 faults. Better luck at our next trial I guess! Here is Kili's last Challenge run. Challenge is basically a harder version of Standard. All the equipment is in, but there are some extra handling challenges that are thrown in to make the courses more difficult. Kili handled it pretty well, but had a weird moment of trying to duck behind me between the last two tunnels. No idea what was going through her head! Turn your volume down... there's a bit of yelling because sometimes I'm not sure if Kili is listening or about to duck into the wrong tunnel! And with Kili by the time you know for sure she's headed to the wrong obstacle it's too late, so better to yell earlier!

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