Monday, September 05, 2016

Training Room

I have a dedicated dog training room in the basement of our house. As time goes on I add more to it and make changes so it fits our evolving needs, though since the house is a rental there's only so much I can do to it. Still, I'm pretty happy with the space I have right now. It's large enough to be functional (I taught Kili to vault in here), small enough to prevent distractions, and there's carpet for traction. In the winter we can easily spend an hour or two, spread over an entire night, down here when we can't play outside.

The only thing that's sad is no one ever gets to see it because it is in the basement.

Podiums for dogs to wait on when they're not working
Photos, ribbons, and whiteboard for keeping records and reminders
Treat and toy storage area. On the right is small equipment (agility ladder, single jump, plank for contact training)
Kili's ribbons
Functional AND decorative!
Lots of photos are required in a dog room!

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