Saturday, June 18, 2016

IVDD progress 3-6 weeks

Summit has thankfully continued to improve over the past few weeks. The original post can be found here and details everything from the initial onset of clinical signs until 2 weeks post op. As a refresher, Summit had spinal surgery after herniating a disc and was completely paralyzed following the surgery. In the first 2 weeks we left off with him being able to move his legs and sort of crawl around on his belly, but unable to stand.

During the initial few weeks following surgery I was coming home on my lunch break to care for Summit. His urinary catheter needed to be cleaned and the bag emptied of accumulated urine. He had mid-day medications for the first week that needed to be given. He also needed to do his rehab exercises, which were mostly passive range of motion and helping him to stand. One day, not long after I first posted about his surgery, I came home at lunch to find this:

Surprise mom! I can get up on the couch all by myself!
I think I almost cried I was so so happy and shocked. Then, while I was outside with the girls, he somehow got down off the couch by himself. And from that point forward we would find him on or off the couch as he pleased.

A few days after that he managed to stand up all by himself. A few days after that he pulled out his urinary catheter, which meant I had to either put in a new one or start taking him outside. I laid out some carpet runners to our front door and helped him out. Though, what I discovered was that it was better to let him do it himself and just stay nearby in case he needed to be caught. If I was trying to help and support him he just stopped trying and would just stand there. Stubborn, independent hounds!

We are now 6 weeks post op. The first 6 weeks is when the majority of improvement happens. Some improvement still continues after this point, but it's all minor. Thankfully, Summit is back up on his feet and is neurologically pretty close to normal. He is still building his muscle and strength back, which seems to be the majority of his residual problem. We will continue with rehab and encouraging activity to regain the muscle. I don't think words can describe just how relieved and thankful I am to still have this special boy in my life. At 11, unfortunately it may not be for much longer, but every day is a gift that I treasure.

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