Sunday, May 15, 2016

OC trial - Advanced Games Dog of Canada

Today Kili completed her Advanced Games Dog of Canada (AGDC) title. This means she has earned 3 qualifying runs in each of the 3 games classes (Jumpers, Gamble, and Snooker). It also means that she is now running all classes at the Master level, which is the highest.

We did not have our best day in terms of how she ran, though our Q rate was right on par at 50%. Kili was just a lot pokier than she normally is. She seemed tired and a bit out of steam the entire day, whereas normally I get a really crazy first run, a nice second run and possibly third, and the fourth is usually a bit pokey and tired. We have had a lot going on here at home though, and unfortunately right now Kili is the low dog on the totem pole in terms of importance and time distribution. Kenna requires a huge amount of time and training at this age, and unfortunately Summit is not well and is taking up most of the remainder of my time (more on this at a later date). As a result, Kili is feeling a bit neglected. I also let her run a lot with a few other dogs prior to her first run, and it's possible I let her burn off a little too much energy.

Regardless, she gave me her all and it was good enough to finish her Snooker title and get a Jumpers Q as well. You can't really ask your dog for more than that! Good job, Kili Monster!

Here's video of our Team Relay, the only video I got today. It was our first time trying out Team Relay and we ran it with a good friend and her dog, Squire. Basically there are two courses set up and each dog runs one course. When the first dog finishes they go to their "box" and then their partner runs the second half of the course. It is judged as time plus faults (the time you ran it in, plus the number of faults you got, which needs to be under the Standard Course Time in order to Q). This basically means that you can have 1 mistake between the two dogs. Unfortunately, both Kili and Squire missed their weave pole entries, and we were over time, so no Q (you can hear me in the video as Kili trots by the weave poles to investigate the black cones which she's never seen before since they are only used for team relay).

Kenna came along to the trial as well for some socialization and got to meet a bunch of people, a couple of children, and played with a mini aussie puppy a few weeks older than herself.

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