Saturday, May 21, 2016

9 weeks - Playing up a storm

Miss Kenna is growing like a weed! And proving that every puppy brings its own set of challenges. It amazes me how different Kenna is from Kili at this age. I remember Kili playing for half an hour and getting really tired and falling asleep in the middle of doing something. Kenna does not. She seems to be a never ending bundle of energy, and the only place she can (or will) fall asleep is in her kennel. Thank goodness she is quite good in her kennel or none of us would get any peace!

She has discovered that Kili will almost never turn her down for an invitation to play, though Kenna sometimes gets more than she bargained for in a match up with her aunt. I think these two will have great fun together as Kenna gets big enough to handle Kili.

I'm testing out some new video editing software as well with the new camcorder. I didn't do anything too fancy since I'm just learning how it works, but here's some video of the girls playing together. The first few clips are from the first day or two home and you can see Kenna's a little tentative about Kili, but she gets brave pretty fast!

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Janette Ash said...

Congratulations on your new puppy, very sweet. Hope this little one helps lighten the mood as you deal with your senior boy, Summit. All the best wishes.