Monday, May 09, 2016

Introducing Kenna!

Those of you who have "liked" us on Facebook, will have gotten an advance screening. For the rest of you, I'd like to introduce you to the newest Apex Agility Greyhound, Kenna (Lakilanni Kiss The Sky).

Kenna is 8 weeks old and is from the same breeder as Kili. In fact, she is Kili's half-niece (mother is Kili's half sister). I had been waiting for a puppy from a particular female that I absolutely adore, however circumstances hadn't worked out for that dog to have a litter yet, when Kili's sister became pregnant. The timing of the litter was perfect (spring puppies are way easier than fall!), the mother is brindle so I had hopes for a brindle puppy, and I figured it would be cool to have a dog closely related to Kili.

The colour wheel turned in my favour as 11 puppies were born, 6 of which were brindle (3 of those were girls). There was one parti colour which was male, and the rest of the litter was black. As much as I love my white dogs, I was very excited to be getting a different colour this time around.

I waited with anticipation for the time to come for me to fly home to Ontario to meet the puppies and choose mine. My breeder had narrowed it down to 2 serious prospects, and when I arrived she added another two possible options as well. I spent a few hours playing with 4 adorable puppies, 2 of each colour, before finally settling on Kenna. I don't think I could have gone wrong really. All the puppies were very outgoing and playful. They all loved the tug toy and discs I had brought with me. The final decision maker came down to which puppy seemed to connect with me most, and that was Kenna.

7 weeks old after being anointed "The Chosen One" following a hard fought battle against sisters.

A week later I was squishing her into a little airline bag and carrying her onto a plane for the ride home. It was my first time ever flying with a pet, and the last time Kenna will ever be small enough to ride cabin with me. Considering the traumatizing day, she handled everything pretty well. She was taken from her mother and siblings, taken for her second car ride ever, then taken to the busy Toronto airport, then put on a plane. I played with her and socialized her as much as possible at the airport to tire her out so that she would sleep on the plane.

Don't sleep at the airport puppy! Save it for the plane. Okay, well maybe just long enough for me to get a photo first!
And sleep she did. Though I think that young puppies must have the same ear problems on planes as young children, as she cried on take off and landing, but slept through the rest of the flight.

When we arrived home we introduced Kenna to Kili and Summit. She wasn't too sure about Kili at first as she's a bit barrel of crazy, but in a few days she started playing with her, punctuated by frequent punctuations from me of "KILI! GENTLE!". Kili for her part thinks this is the best present I've ever brought back for her from a trip. Summit is just glad that for the most part Kenna leaves him be.

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janette Ash said...

So happy for you, your little family is growing. Looking forward to watching your new baby grow into a great sports dog. Looking forward to seeing lots of photos and learning of her progress.