Thursday, April 21, 2016

First UpDog Competition

Kili and I attended our very first UpDog competition. Although we didn't win anything (Kili had never been to this field or played disc with so many people around, and was a little distracted) I classify it as a successful first time out. We had fun and Kili did some good things.

In UpDog there are several different games you can play, ranging from just Throw n Go (distance competition) to Freestyle, and even some games that combine disc and agility! It's a lot of fun and we plan to do a few more competitions this summer. It's not going to take our top priority - that honour still goes to agility - but we both enjoy it and it's nice to have another sport to play where there's a little less pressure on myself to do well!

During the lunch break, the photographer asked to take Kili out to the farm field behind the competition to get photos of Kili running at top speed. Since this is an area where my own photography skills lack, I happily agreed. The full series made me laugh. The faces greyhounds make when they run just kills me!

Here's my favourite photo of the day. It's from the end of our Frizgility run and it's something that I do at the end of almost any run Kili and I do together, in agility or disc. I think the photo just perfectly captures our relationship, and I'll probably have it printed and framed for my dog training room. If you watch the video, I'm happily telling her what a jerk she is for not listening!

Finally, here is video of our Frizgility run. As you can see, she had a few ADD moments, which in agility would drive me nuts, but in disc... it is what it is and we'll work on it! ;) You can also see the moment the above photo was taken from a different angle!

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