Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Mountain Hounds, Beach Hounds, Travel Hounds - Part 1

 The pups and I hit the road again for a week long trip through the Rockies to the West Coast. This was another first for all of us, and completed our westward travels. I have now been to every province in Canada except Newfoundland. The pups have now been everywhere except Quebec and the East Coast.

 First we drove through the Rockies, passing through Banff and Yoho National Parks. We picked up a hitch hiker in Yoho who showed us the beautiful Takkakaw Falls, which we probably wouldn't have found otherwise.

And we stopped in Revelstoke for the night. We picked a fantastic hotel that was not only really nice, but very dog friendly. The pups loved getting their cookies from the front desk! But even without cookies they absolutely love hotels. Kili gets so excited whenever we stay at a hotel, and I have no idea why.

Check out the shower mom!
The next morning we drove up Mount Revelstoke and did a bit of easy hiking.

Be careful what you teach your dog!
 Careful what you teach your dog! Kili has done a lot of "perch" work (being asked to jump/climb up on things), and it is very useful for photographs. She very willingly jumped up on this wall all by herself when she saw it... much to my horror when I looked over the other side and discovered it was a steep drop!

Like I was saying about perch work....
That day we finished off the drive to Vancouver where we stayed with a dear old friend, explored the coast and thoroughly enjoyed west coast beaches! More to come in the next post, stay tuned!

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