Friday, October 24, 2014

The Three F's

Fun, focused, fast.

What did you think I was going to say?

Kili's last class was amazing. I had such a great time running her and really enjoyed seeing what a fabulous little agility dog she is going to be one day. It is days like this that I have no worries about her agility career. I know that it may take a bit more time than other dogs, and it may take a bit more work... but by golly she's going to blow them all out of the water one day!

I was really impressed with a couple of things. One was that she got both of her switch commands, especially since neither was particularly straightforward. I was also really proud of her that she was able to take a jump going directly towards the whole crowd of people and dogs without really giving them a second glance. Not once in running these sequences did she try to go visit with anyone or any dogs. Hurray! Progress!

You'll notice the random treat container rolling out on course. We decided to try something with Kili, which my trainer likes to call "the bunny". Basically, I give my trainer a reward, and she randomly decides when to throw it out on the course when Kili is doing really well. The whole point is that Kili never knows when her reward is coming, so she is encouraged to pay attention at all times. You'll see that even I'm surprised half the time when the "bunny" gets thrown out! It also seems to be working well to keep Kili focused!

Did I mention fast?


jet said...

I love your training venue, wish we had something indoors!!!

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Indoors is great! This particular facility is not heated so we can only play here if it's about -20C or warmer. We'll hopefully be checking out another facility that is heated all winter.