Friday, March 14, 2014

18 months - More agility progress

Not much to say, just wanted to post some videos of Kili's agility class last week. We did some tricky handling used to encourage tighter turns over jumps. This is important to save time and prevent your dog from accidentally going off course if she has other options for obstacles.

And then we did a bit of work on our 2x2 weaves. Kili is doing well. I really want all this snow to melt so I can work with her on these daily as they are one of the few things left for Kili to master (the chute and the teeter being the other two... and also the dog walk I guess since we haven't seen it since the fall, and never at full height). Right now she is weave 4 poles at about regulation spacing with fairly good enthusiasm and speed. Her accuracy has been decent as well. I MAY add in a third set this week. We'll see what her attention is like at class!

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