Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter romp on the lake

This winter has been unseasonably cold and snowy for Ontario. It has been cold enough that there are days or weeks in a row when I cannot walk the dogs. It has been cold enough that our weekly agility class has been cancelled several times since the arena is not heated. As a result I have not hiked the dogs nearly as often this winter as in the past. And when I have I haven't taken my camera. However, I was really starting to feel I needed to get some pictures of the pups this winter. I have the feeling that Summit's winter hiking days are just about behind him. The cold really seems to affect him now and he does not enjoy our hikes if it gets below a certain temperature so he often stays home now.

Fortunately, today was a really nice day and I elected to take both Summit and Kili on a hike with our neighbour. Summit approves of this arrangement because Kili has someone else to pester and leaves him alone.

Mean little dogs

Happy dog doesn't know that possessed dog is coming....

We discovered that the lake was completely frozen over and must have been for quite awhile judging by the snowmobile trail. It was perfect for the dogs. The snow was packed down from the snowmobiles (the hounds can't hit maximum speed in fluffy snow and they don't like that) and the lake was a nice open space so we didn't have to worry about being surprised by other people/dogs or snowmobiles. As it turned out, we had the lake completely to ourselves anyway.

When is a greyhound happiest? Running free!

Summit really enjoyed himself which made me very happy. I hope we will have a few more nice winter days so that he can enjoy a few more winter hikes this year.

Almost 9 years old. Still gorgeous.

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