Saturday, December 08, 2012

15 weeks - Medical disaster

Of all my animals, I think Kili is already the medical nightmare. In 8 weeks she has had a UTI which failed to respond to one course of antibiotics and now kind of looks like it is failing to resolve on a second course. She also broke a canine tooth back at about 13 weeks.

13 weeks when I first noticed the broken tooth.
15 weeks - discoloured and worrisome
 Fortunately so far she has no reaction to the tooth being touched, to eating, chewing on bully sticks, or playing with toys. She's also been on antibiotics the entire time for her UTI though. I am worried when we finally clear her UTI and she comes off her antibiotics that this tooth may become infected and cause me some headaches.

Definitely getting insurance on this one!

In other tooth news, Kili lost her first tooth this week and has 2 more that are VERY wiggly!

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