Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nosework 2

Sorry for the long hiatus everyone! School was insane the last few weeks as we wound down to finals. Just finished on Thursday. Barring any mishaps during exams, I am now a doctor! Yay! But I digress....

Summit and I haven't been up to much because of my schedule, but I do have some more nosework videos from before the craziness began that I never got around to posting. In this video you will notice that I leave Summit in the living room and go into the bedroom to hide the treat from him. At first I put it right in the middle of the floor so he doesn't even really need to use his nose, just to remind him what is going on. Then I hide it in increasingly more difficult locations so he has to use his nose more and more. He doesn't have a great nose but he does at least get the idea! He has a tendency to give up relatively easily still. If he doesn't find it pretty quickly he just assumes there's nothing to find and comes looking to me for food. In which case I help him find it and then the next time I hide it somewhere a little easier. You always want to make sure you're not progressing faster than your dog can handle.