Wednesday, August 03, 2011


We are finally home from Ohio! I am so glad to be home and reunited with my boyfriend. It has been much too long.

I am very fortunate with how well Summit travels. Maybe this is a greyhound thing in general, but he lays down almost immediately and doesn't get up again for the rest of the drive except to change positions. But, who can blame him? He's got a pretty comfy set up in my back seat. I have a hammock so he doesn't fall into the foot wells, and then he has multiple blankies to snuggle into.
Oh, are you looking at me?
We stayed with some folks we found on Greytalk. That site really is quite useful sometimes. They own an Australian Kelpie who I somehow managed to not get a photo of, and they had a foster boy named Nite. He was black and 92 lbs!
Nite aka Darcass the Nite
The heat in Columbus was a bit of a shock to Summit. Despite the fact that he lived in Ohio for several years, it would appear that he is now a northern hound. There was a lot of panting, a lot of refusing to do any physical activity and a lot of this....
If you look closely you can see a puddle of drool on the floor.
Dr.Couto had a talk to give to GPA Cincinnati, and I got to go along with him. The venue was actually a church in Kentucky. One more state to cross off my list. Dr.Couto said he'd never spoken in a church before, which amused him just a little. I got Summit a great new collar and I learned quite a lot too.

The people I was staying with also had a foster cat and her 7 kittens staying with them. The kittens were about 4 weeks old when I got there. So cute and playful!

Summit was able to come to work with me a few times a week. He'd hang out in the Blood Bank while I was off doing other things with other greyhounds. He always had a buddy as one of the doctors' dogs was always there due to his severe separation anxiety. His name is Aro. He's a galgo that Dr.Couto brought from Spain many years ago. Due to his SA though he needed a home where he didn't have to be alone, so one of the other doctors took him as a foster. Ten years later she still has him as a "foster".
Summit and Aro hanging out in the Blood Bank.
Finally we are home! Here we are in Toronto for a walk by the lake. Next stop, Sault Ste. Marie to visit the BF's folks!

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