Friday, July 22, 2011

Meeting "God"

Some of you may be aware that I am a vet student (in case that wasn't clear from previous posts or for new readers) in my final year. A further select few know that I arranged a rotation for 3 weeks at the Ohio State University (OSU) with Dr. Couto. Yes, that's right, THE greyhound vet. I'm sure a few of you are curious so I thought I'd make a quick post about it.

Dr. Couto was actually in Spain for the first week and a half that I was here so I spent my time figuring things out on my own and running between Oncology, Blood Bank, and Orthopedic Surgery trying to follow as many interesting cases as possible. Highlights so far have been an amputation, fixing a leg broken on the racetrack, and a fascinating but tragic case of a dog that suddenly wasn't doing well 4 months post amputation. I've also learned how to hull corns which is probably going to be useful one day. Tomorrow Dr. Couto and I are headed to Cincinnati where he is giving a talk for an adoption group. And next week we are going to Wheeling Downs to conclude some testing that was started a few weeks ago.

As for Ohio... it is blazing hot. I am told this is abnormal. The temperature has been close to 40C for the last 2 weeks... between 90 and 100 F for American readers. Summit will have nothing to do with the outdoors after dawn or before dusk. Poor boy. He's white but he's definitely a "hot dog". He is enjoying having friends though. The people we are staying with have an Australian Kelpie and are fostering a big black boy (greyhound). He also gets to come to work with me some days and hang out with one of the doctors' Galgo.


Lima (or Lima Bean) said...

That's so cool that you're doing a rotation with Dr. Couto! After you do this rotation, I'd be curious if you felt like a vet needs to get specialized greyhound training to effectively be a vet for a greyhound.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

No, I don't think a vet needs to really specialize. But I guess that depends on what you consider "specializing". Do I think they need to shadow Dr.Couto around for a year, or do a greyhound internship (this is something they hope to possibly have in the future), or do lots of greyhound research (I mean actually conducting research projects/studies)? No. All a vet needs to do is have an interest in learning about how greyhounds are different. I knew most of the major issues before I came to OSU just by doing some research. After being here I learned a few other things, and I have a jump drive full of papers to read when I get home. I think I'll feel quite comfortable seeing greyhounds with that as a base. Beyond that I think it's reasonable for a vet to just do their research and find the appropriate contacts when they get stumped! A greyhound is a dog first and a greyhound second and for the most part are the same as any other dog... and then of course they have their oddities. :)

Lima (or Lima Bean) said...

Thanks for your response! That makes a lot of sense to me. Hope you enjoyed your time in Ohio and welcome home (just saw your last post).