Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm not full of myself, I swear!

The reader may be wondering several things about the title of this blog. Things such as a) "why greyhoundS" when I only have one b) "why Apex" when we haven't even officially started agility classes and may never be very good.

I do hope to one day adopt a second greyhound. And I hope that this blog will flourish and still be here when I bring him/her home. I am currently student and I rent my apartment with my boyfriend. Getting Summit was a battle. Our landlord's previous two tenants (two girls) had 2 dogs while they lived here for 6 months. One was a puppy with separation anxiety. Instead of dealing with the problem they simply shut him into the storage room. The storage room also happens to be directly underneath the landlord's family room and is the only room in the apartment that is not insulated. So he got to listen to this dog bark ALL day long when he worked from home. They also never picked up after their dogs. They let them out at the top of the stairs to do their business. There was no fence between this house and the neighbours at the time (after our foster dog came home in September she promptly put up a fence, but I'm not sure if that was coincidence or because she wanted to keep our dog out) and so the dogs would do their business on her property as well. One dog also relieved itself on the carpet in one of the bedrooms and after they moved out the landlord ended up having to replace that carpet. Needless to say he said no when we wanted a dog... even though we only moved in because our understanding was that we could get a dog so long as it was quiet and we looked after it. Apparently there was a bit of miscommunication. Summit has been a star here and our landlord has nothing bad to say about him... nothing good either but that's because he really never sees Summit and doesn't care to (he's not a dog person).

Awww... Summit wants a friend!

Clearly a second dog is not in the cards right now. And as it is I wouldn't bring a second dog home at this point. I'm far too busy. We also have 3 rabbits (mine from before the relationship). I'm a vet student so my time is limited. As evidenced by the fact that writing entries in this blog is a study break. We own two small cars (a VW Golf and a Nissan Sentra) neither of which accommodates 2 large dogs very comfortably. My friend's huge 9 month old GSD comes to obedience classes with us once a week and we pile her dog and Summit into the back of my car and it makes for an interesting ride to say the least. Our apartment is 1000 sq ft. but since all of the animals have some strange aversion to the flooring from the kitchen onwards it's more like 700 sq ft from the animal perspective. We have no idea what the issue is with the floor. More about that another time.

Apex seems like a presumptuous name implying excellence. I do hope to one day live up to the implications of the name, but really it is named after Summit. It's just a synonym.

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