Saturday, November 21, 2015

CKC Fort Saskatchewan

Last weekend Kili and I attended a local 2 day CKC trial. The CKC venue continues to treat us better than AAC. It's designed with the non-border collie in mind, and that works to Kili's advantage.

Interestingly, she excelled in Standard Q'ing in 4/4 runs, including finishing her Intermediate title on Saturday, and getting her first 2 legs towards her Excellent title on Sunday. She struggled in Jumpers, going the whole weekend without a Q. In her defense though, the two runs on Saturday were really tough first thing in the morning, and the second day she was exhausted by the end of the day and just ended up getting sloppy and distracted. The reality is that any time she has a 50% Q rate, I'm pretty much ecstatic, but it was an odd twist for her to be further ahead in Standard for a change.

I wish I had some of her really stellar runs on film, but I just have 2 mediocre runs. On and off the table is the one fault you can get away with at the Excellent level. I really need to work on Kili to realize that just because we're near the exit... doesn't mean it's jackpot time!

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