Friday, October 30, 2015

Flashback Friday: Kili and Allie

Kili and Allie at the top of The Chief, September 2015
Today's Flashback Friday is in honour of our recent trip to Vancouver to visit one of my best friends. In the winter of 2013 she was living in Toronto finishing school, and I was living in Lindsay. I had a conference in Toronto so I stayed with her and another friend who were sharing an apartment, and I brought Kili and Summit along with me. Kili was 5 months old at the time and she and Allie got on like gangbusters.

Since that time Kili has grown (a lot!), and Allie has developed a little bit of reactivity, so we weren't too sure how things were going to go. Although the girls did not get on like gangbusters anymore, we were very pleased that Allie seemed to recognize the greyhounds immediately and was quite happy to see them. She has a particular love affair with Summit (always has), and she and Kili got along fine so long as Kili was not running. Running fast seemed to trigger Allie's reactivity a bit - and who can blame her the way these greyhounds zoom!

Until next time dear friends!

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