Friday, June 12, 2015

ACDCC CKC Trial - First title!

 Kili and I attended a 2 day weekend CKC trial held in conjunction with a big conformation and obedience show. We had so much fun!

Kili was absolutely on fire all weekend. It was the first time I really felt completely relaxed going to the line with her. I wasn't worrying about whether she was going to blow her contacts, or if she was going to be completely nuts, or if she was going to bounce off the table. It was fantastic to just have complete and total fun together!

We ran 4 runs each day: 2 Standard and 2 Jumpers. Her first two runs on Saturday were Jumpers and she pulled a bar in each resulting in an NQ. I don't think she was prepared for the height difference. In AAC she jumps 22", but in CKC she jumps 24". After those first two runs she didn't pull another bar all weekend and she absolutely nailed everything. She Q'd in 3 out of 4 Standard runs... and the only reason she NQ'd her final run was due to an UP contact on the dogwalk. In AAC there are no calls on the up side of contacts, only the down side. Contacts are the reason why you see me ask her to stop at the bottom of all the obstacles; she needs to touch the yellow zone with at least one foot. But in CKC the dogs are also required to hit this yellow contact zone on their way ONTO the equipment. As you can imagine, this is a bit biased against large dogs with large strides. Unfortunately, even though she earned 3 Q's in Standard she did not get her title. This is because your 3 Q's have to be under 2 different judges, and sadly there was only one judge for the entire trial. So, we still need 1 more!

This girl is on springs!
 The most exciting thing was that on Sunday Kili Q'd in her first Jumpers run, earning her third and final leg for her Novice Jumpers title. This is her very first agility title! As icing on the cake, she moved up to the next level, Intermediate, and also Q'd in that run!

Another exciting thing happened at this trial. We met Kili's sister, Ducati! Her owner was there showing her other greyhound and one of her whippets. I had no idea that they would be there. I happened to have a lunch break at the same time the greyhounds were being shown and decided to go watch, and that's how I ran into them!

Kili and Ducati ~ 6 weeks old at their breeder's house.
Kili and Ducati ~6 weeks old
Kili and Ducati 2.5 years old

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