Monday, April 20, 2015

Didsbury Disc Playdate

Kili and I went to a playdate with the Calgary Disc Dog Club held in Didsbury, Alberta over the weekend. It's about a 2.5 hour drive for us, which is a bit of a trek, and it was incredibly windy that day as well which was unfortunate. However, in spite of the wind it ended up being a pretty good day. Throwing and catching were a little bit more difficult, however I was really pleased with how engaged Kili was. We also got a bit of help with a couple of minor difficulties we'd been having. I wish there was more disc in Edmonton, however it is pretty evident that Edmonton is the home of agility and Calgary is the home of disc. Maybe over the next few years we can help try to grow disc here in Edmonton so we don't have to drive so far all the time!

Frizgility - photo credit Gulnaz Amenta
Photo credit: Gulnaz Amenta

Photo credit: Penny Norem
Photo credit: Gulnaz Amenta

And a video of one of the games we played called Four Way Play. In this game there are 4 boxes. You have to get a catch in each box. Unfortunately this was our worst game as far as throwing and catching. The wind was pretty insane through the entire day, but I think it even picked up a little bit more during this round. The game we played after this was much the same except with some agility equipment incorporated and we did much better. But the video gives you a good appreciation of the kind of wind we were dealing with!

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