Tuesday, October 22, 2013

14 months - Disc Dog

Kili and I are trying out a new sport... disc dog! I've always thought disc dog looked like an awesome fun time, but I worry about having high drive disc dogs at Ultimate games and tournaments. I don't want to have the crazy dog on the sideline that freaks out while everyone is playing. I also thought I couldn't really imagine a greyhound doing those crazy tricks, vaulting off a person, doing flips. Then I realized that by thinking that way I was just putting greyhounds into yet another box of "can't do" which has become my pet peeve. In honour of always keeping the mentality that I will never think that there is something my dogs can't do simply because of their breed, Kili and I are adventuring casually into the world of disc dog.

Agility is still our focus, but it's nice to have something to work on that's a little different and that requires minimal equipment. I can work on disc dog just about any time, any place. I don't know that Kili is going to be doing any crazy vaulting, rebounding, or flipping, but a reasonable goal might be to enter in a distance competition. Fast dog, Ultimate frisbee player... good combination right? Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Right now we're just having fun and building drive for the disc.

Here are Kili's first 2 sessions with the disc. I love her enthusiasm and she even has a catch in the second video!

We have a couple of REAL canine discs in the mail from a local Disc Dog club. I'm excited for them to get here so we can test them out!

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