Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy birthday!

Summit turned 6 today! He's got the easiest birthday to remember. 05/05/05.

First we went to the pet store to get some delicious birthday goodies.

Then we went for a long hike at the dog park... long as in 2 hours. When we got home Summit passed out in bed and stayed there until it was time to go to agility class. In class this week we worked on the teeter with the table removed but the coach still controlling the drop for those that needed it. Summit always gets some sort of left over meat for the teeter and has now graduated to just regular treats for all other obstacles. He jumps right onto the teeter and offers to of his own accord, up to halfway, once it starts tipping he becomes nervous and wants to jump off. It takes a lot of encouragement and lots of meaty treats to convince him to keep walking the rest of the way, even after the teeter is down and stopped moving.

We also did a course at the end. We got two tries. The first was a practice run. The second was timed. We also removed the teeter for the second run. Summit won in a time of 38 seconds. That's right, he's already a winner. Of course, if the teeter had been left in place he probably wouldn't have won, but shhhh!

After class Summit got to eat his goodies.

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