Friday, March 04, 2011

Parasites! Ahhh!

It's the never ending battle with parasites. Shortly after getting Summit in October we found that he had ticks. We treated those and his tick titres from the blood donor program came back clean so he didn't pick up any nasty diseases thankfully. But his fecal didn't come back clean. Just got an e-mail from the blood donor program saying he's got whipworm! My goodness. He was only back at the adoption kennel for about a month before we got him, I can't believe he picked up TWO parasites while he was there!

I had meant to have a fecal done when my vet saw him back in December, but my vet is an hour away and I forgot his poo sample at home that morning when I left. His poos have been pretty good (for a greyhound) so I figured he was probably clean. Silly me. Well, now he's got fenbendazole for 6 days. The powder was $83 so the vet here at school was conscious enough to realize that as a poor student I'd probably want the liquid which is cheaper. The liquid was only $20, however, each dose is 17.5 ml! Thank goodness Summit is a greyhound. Whenever I have to do medical things to my dog I am thankful that he is a greyhound. This stuff tastes AWFUL. I've had to give it to my rabbits before (less than a ml because they're so small) and they hate the stuff. Summit gave me no fight over it even though I could tell he hated it. Poor guy. This video only shows me giving him half of his medication. I had to give him almost another full syringe after turning off the camera.


Aragon greyhounds said...

Greyhounds are easy to handle and treat aren't they? Whipworms are nasty, luckily there is an easy and effective treatment to take care of them!

Elizabeth Singleton said...

Aww, poor pumpkin. You CAN tell by the look on his face that he hated it. What a good boy you are Summit!