Saturday, April 02, 2011

Not just an athlete...

Summit is not just an athlete. Well, athlete might be a bit of a strong word. I mean sure, he's an ex-racer... but he never raced (we suspect a training injury) and he does agility... but he's only learned 3 obstacles and doesn't start his first official class for another week and a half. But the point is that he's also a looker. At least, that's what everyone tells me. Funny enough, the last colour I wanted was white. I wasn't really picky. My top choice is always fawn, I also like brindles, I thought we might come home with a black... but I certainly didn't mind since colour is really the least important thing. That said, I was maybe a little disappointed that the PERFECT dog was my least favourite colour.

It's funny how they quickly become the most beautiful creature in the world to you though. I think he's got just the most darling face and expressions. I think his little black skin spots showing through his fur are adorable. So yeah, I'm going to say I'm a little biased and think he's gorgeous. But I may also be brainwashed after hearing it so many times when I'm out walking him. He's so pretty, that everyone thinks he's a girl. I'm not sure why. I don't think he looks overly feminine, and at 75 lbs (and he runs a little leaner than I'd like) he's not exactly a small greyhound. So go figure.

So when you go looking for your new best friend, keep in mind that even if s/he is not the beauty you were wanting, or your preferred colour... even if they're scraggly or a colour that you absolutely hate... give them a chance. The way your dog looks is hardly important compared to the adoring way they gaze at you, or the zeal with which they chase a ball, the way they know when something is wrong. And trust me... in a month, no matter how scraggly, or ugly, or how wrong the colour, your dog will always be the most beautiful dog in the room to you. I guarantee it.

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