Thursday, March 10, 2011


I decided to teach Summit to do a different kind of down. His usual down is a sphinx. Which is great for being out and about, for obedience and agility, so he's ready to pop back up quickly, but it's no good for when I want him to go lay down on his bed and stay out of trouble. It's also awkward if I want him on his side for any reason (usually medical). So I'm teaching him to settle. I wasn't really sure how I was going to lure him such that he would tuck his legs under him, but I finally decided to try an experiment. He always turns in circles before he lays down himself, so I just used a treat lure to make him spin, and with each pass the treat got lower down... and voila, he settled. I haven't added the command yet, but once I do that the settle will be complete!

This is a great start to the "roll" (not really a roll at all), so stay tuned for that. I'm still working on that with him and will make the post once I have the complete set of videos!

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