Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First day of spring!

Summit and I haven't been too busy recently, hence the lack of updates. I haven't come up with anything else to teach him in the house, therefore no new videos. The weather is looking up here in Ontario though! It has been quite nice for the last week or so (no snow, not too cold... bit of rain, but that's expected), and today is the first official day of spring! Spring is here! And with spring comes grass and warmer temperatures so that I can start working with Summit outdoors! We have been working on some of our obedience in the tennis court in the park by our house, however he is loathe to put his bum or belly on the asphalt for very long, and I can't say I blame him. It's also a little far to trek with a tripod and camera. However, it has some distractions which is exactly what Summit needs to take things to the next level. He is perfect in the house where there are no new sounds or people walking by. He did very well this morning actually. The park attaches to a school yard and the kids were out for gym class running around the park. For the most part he was able to do his "watch me", "sit", and heeling exercises with little trouble. Fetching outside is improving too. At first he was so distracted by everything that he would chase down the toy and then forget to bring it back! He still does occassionally, but is much improved. Whenever he forgets to bring the toy back I ask for something he is good at like "watch me", treat him, and then ask him to "go get it", and he usually trots over and brings it back.

Hopefully the backyard will dry out a bit more so I can take the camera out there and video what he learned in his obedience class. I tried this weekend but it was so wet and he was in such a mood that he just started tearing around in mad circles, tearing clods out of the ground. So I quickly leashed him up and took him to the tennis court instead hoping my landlord wouldn't notice the claw marks in the yard! The yard will be great for working on his drops. Those are hard to work on in the house since we mostly have hardwood, and the tennis court is also a no go because the ground is so uncomfortable... he will do his down grudgingly but then pop up immediately.

So hopefully we will have some more interesting posts coming up in the future with the better weather and also with obedience starting up in a little over 2 weeks!

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